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My Experince Of Education

January 18th, 2009

(Written by my friends, students from Wuhan, Huanshi and Xiaomeng on February 04, 2008).

Originally I wanted to describe the education system of China, but I found it is so difficult to tell you about it objectively when I was writting. It is so complex, yet the system is on its way of reforming, itís changing all the time.

It is pretty hard to uunderstand the education system of China for a foreigner. And even me feel like a stranger when I look at the compulsory education that is taken on nowadays. It is quite difference from the past.

Many people will say that there is quite a lot of shortcomings of the system. But here I want to comfirm first that it is the best choice under the particular condition of China.

Nowadays, the children will go to the kidís park when they got 3 or 4 years old. I didnít. Because I live in the country, many kids went to the elementary school directly in that time.

The compulsory education in China is constituted of 6 years of elementary school and 3 years of the middle school.

The elementary and middle school are usually in different places. After the middle school, that is the 3 years of high school. Here you will meet the first important examination: the high school entrance examination. Usually, the students in one city will have the same pappers. Then according to the marks, different level means different high schools.

High school is surely the most important period of the whole system. That is all because the the College Entrance Examination.

When I take the exam, the number of students that attend the exam is 8,000,000. Just imagane it!

The marks will be devided into several class, and so was the universitise. Certain level of marks to certain level of universitise. According to the mark, you can choose the school and the major, then hand over the application.

That is to say, if many students hand their application to one university, and their marks are higher then yours, sorry, you are out.

That happened every year.

Every class you can have only one chance to make the decision.

So, pray to God after you hand over the application. If you failed this year, you can choose to try again next year, but that means you have wasted one year of you life. Iím one of that kind. So this examination is very very important to the Whole country.

Special measures will be taken to keep the examination place quite, dad and mom or even grandparents will waiting for you outside the door of school. Your whole life will be determined by this single examination.

Now I am in the University, I stilled know very little to it . So here, I canít tell you about the University.

What you have read is just a very small part of the education system of China. Donít give judgement when you do not the whole thing. And I beilive that the education system of China will be much better tomorrow!

From our friends

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