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Different Areas of China

January 18th, 2009

(Written by my friends, students from Wuhan, Huanshi and Xiaomeng on October 20, 2007).

As you know, China is a country with huge territory and population, so there are many different climate. It seems somebody have said that the different characters of different areas are decided by their different climate.

Now let us show you what that is like in China.

The northeast part of China, including Jilin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning province, and the east part of inner Mongolia, is terribly cold in winter. It can get to -20 degree in average. People there like eating meat, especially mutton. They like salty taste and drinking strong clear liquor, women can drink too.

So you can figure that the man there are straightforward, hospitable, and happy to help others . If you were there ,you will not feel lonely . The food style of there is special, maybe you can have a try. In winter, Harbin, which is called The Icy City, is very beautiful for Ice sculpture .

The southwest part is lack of water, some places are arid. But there has rich resources, such as metal mineral resources. Because of the tough condition, people live a bitter life. People like eating acid food and Wheaten food. In history Xian is the Six Dynasties ancient capital, so the culture is rich.

But the unique history made the local people conservative disposition. Xinjiang province, as the border area of China thousands of years ago, has its own culture. The large temperature difference in one day, so they wear coat in the morning and wear thin clothes in noon, in the evening people eat water-melon sitting around the fire.

The southeast part, like Shanghai, Zhejiang and Fujiang. This part is famous for itsYangzhou cuisine, which has both exquisitely crafte snacks and main dishes. Maybe here people’s taste is too sweet. Steam mandarin fish in vinegar sauce, is one of the most famousfood.

This part is the historical granary of China. So people there have a good living condition. Now it is one of the quickest developing area of China.

In the central part of China, including Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Chongqing province, people is famous of the rude, bold and irritable. We think everyone lives in such a crowded city and has such an hot summer, it’s not surprise they will be like that too.

People here like spice and peppery, large amount of peppery. So it is often said that numbing, hot spices are the main characteristics of the Sichuan cuisine. So if you like hot food, you will find you have come to the right place.

There are many national minorities in southwest part of China.They are mostly doing very well in singing and dancing. And custom is different from nationality to nationality.

China is a great country that we can’t tell you all in one short article. You will understand it well when you are really in China.

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