Jiangsu Province – local specialties

Capital: Nanjing, 南京, Nánjīng

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Jiangsu Province – local specialties

Postby long_way » Mon Mar 10, 2008 8:49 pm

Langshan chicken, Gaoyou duck, Taihu silver fish, Yangtze River hairtail, Yangcheng lake crabs, Yanghe yeast-brewed liquor, Zhenjiang fragrant vinegar, Biluochun tea, Suzhou embroidery, Nanjing brocade, Changshu lace, Wuxi clay sculpture, Yangzhou lacquer ware and Yixing chinaware.

Suzhou: Food: Deep fried Mandarin Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce, Suzhou braised Pork Seasoned with Soy Sauce, Coral Mandarin Fish, Quick-Fried Cuttlefish, Suzhou Lard Cake, Stir-Fried Meatball, Tofu Stewed in Clay-pot, Gordon Euryale with Sweet Osmanthus, Stir-fried Mustard Green with Chicken Fat, Spare-ribs stewed with dry preserved vegetables, Sweet and Sour Pork, First Dish Under the Heaven, Tongli Min Cake, Aozao Noodles in Soup, Fengqiao Town Noodles in Soup.
Other specialties: Local and special products of Suzhou include Biluo-chun Tea, Dried bean Curd with Soy Sauce, Suzhou Scented Tea, Yangcheng Lake Fresh Water Crab, Taihu Lake White Bait, Wujang perch, Taihu Lake Water Shield, Suzhou Sticky Rice, Suzhou-Style Candies, BAisha Loquat, Dongshan Red Bayberry, Lotus Roots and Gordon Euryale, Sweet Osmanthus Fried Chestnut, and Whelks.
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