Fake Monk Scam

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Fake Monk Scam

Postby long_way » Tue Feb 19, 2008 10:34 pm

Here is what was reported by one traveler:

A foreign tourist in China may be approached by by a couple of people looking like Buddhist monks. Immediately after they stop you they will give you a good luck charm and ask you to pray for the world peace. After that innocent introduction a request for around $50 will be made by the same "monks" (to pay for the good lucky charm).

After the tourist tries to explain that they don't want to pay for the charm or make any donations they will pretend that they don't understand and they will keep gently cutting them off from escape.

Those who don't recognize them as swindlers will give the money because they don't want to offend Buddhist monks or create a scene which would be embarrassing because, again, presumably those two people represent a foreign religion.

Lesson learned: Don't take into your hands objects offered by other people because the mere act of taking the object can be interpreted as the implicit agreement to enter into transaction.

Another similar story:

Woman pays 'monks' 1,700 yuan
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2007-01-06 13:14

An elderly woman surnamed Zheng in Shanghai was swindled out of 1,700 yuan ($218) by three men posing as monks, who also took everything from her closet after telling her it was harmful to her health.

The men knocked on Zheng's door last Sunday morning, offering her blessings for good fortune. Zheng then invited them inside.

They then told Zheng that her grandchildren might suffer serious illnesses, but they could expel the evil spirit if Zheng paid them 1,700 yuan.

They also said the closet needed to be sealed because it was not good for her health. They said they would remove the things inside and seal the closet with tape. When they left, they took the items in the closet with them and did not seal it.

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