Fujian Province – local specialties

Capital: Fuzhou, 福州, Fúzhōu

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Fujian Province – local specialties

Postby long_way » Mon Mar 10, 2008 8:55 pm

Wuyiyan Tea, Tieguanyin Tea of Anxi, Xinhua Longan, Pingtan purple laver, Tong’an lancelet, Fuzhou bodiless lacquer ware, Shoushan stone carving, and Dehua china-ware.

Mount Wuyi: Food: Local dishes include Wengong vegetables, pressed salted duck, rabbit meat hotpot, Manting banquet, Bagua banquet, Wuyi medicinal food, and Dragon-Phoenix Soup. Other snacks of local flavour include litchy jelly, Kuzhu cake, Wuyi Fragrant Wine, potherb mustard, Shuqu fruit and Maci fruit.

Other local products: Wuyi Rock Tea, Xianggu mushroom, red mushroom, Cat’s Claw, white lotus, Wuyi orchid, Wuyi orange, Wuyi walnut, Wuyi snake wine, and Wuyi dried bamboo shoots.
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