Chinese Food vs Western-style Food

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Chinese Food vs Western-style Food

Postby long_way » Tue Jan 06, 2009 9:56 pm

Chinese Food VS Western-style Food

Posted by Mysterious China Blogger on Monday, December 1, 2008, 0:31

I have summarized some differences between Chinese food and Western-style food. If have incorrect point of view, you can leave your comments and give an advice below.

First of all, the making method of Chinese food is different from Western-style food.

Western-style food is simple; but Chinese food is complicated. In Western-style food cookbook, various ingredients such as the flour, sugar, butter etc. have been indicated several grams, several spoons or several cups, even the size of the egg will all be explained. There are balance, measuring cup and measuring spoon in Occidental kitchen. I think it is like a testing laboratory. So, Making Western-style food is easy, so long as you according to cookbook manual.

But it is not the easy thing that you want to make fine Chinese food. Even if you have bought the cookbook, it is not so easy. Because the Chinese cookbook will not tell you several grams of ingredient, for example salt, Chinese cookbook just tell you appropriate amount of salt, don’t tell you several gram, several spoon or several cup. Why? The taste of people who live in different places is different in China. There is a folk adage in China “south sweet, north salty, east hot and west sour”. I explain it: The Chinese southerner likes eating the sweet food; The Chinese northerner likes eating the salty food; The Chinese eastern people likes eating the hot food; The Chinese western people likes eating the sour food. If the cookbook hard and fast rule several grams of salt, perhaps Shanghai people feel it is too salty, but the northerner feel it is not salty enough. So, a good cook rely on experience and skill when cooks in China. Just because the skill of Chinese food is complicated, the high-level cook’s salary is very high in China.

Secondly, the kitchen of Chinese food is violence than Western-style food kitchen

It seems that the kitchen of Western-style food is more peaceful; what you bought is only the fish lump which can’t distinguish the kind, even crab may have been already boiled, what you can do is to put them into the oven or the pan. But the kitchen of Chinese food seems violence. The chicken, duck and fish is cut in the kitchen. The kitchen is full of glint of kitchen knife. Ha-ha! I feel it is like the battle field.

The tableware of Western-style food is knife and fork, the tableware of Chinese food is only two simple small bamboo sticks — Chopsticks. So, I think the tableware of Western-style food is violence than the tableware of Chinese food.

Third, the atmosphere of Chinese food is different from Western-style food while having a meal

The atmosphere of Western-style food is particular about scenery and ware. The good restaurant is generally built in the beautiful mountaintop, park or the revolving dining-room of the city center high building. So Western-style food is “Eat the scenery” but not “Eat taste”.

The atmosphere of Chinese food is particular about taste and participation. Chinese food conquers the world with taste. There is a folk adage in China “If want to conquer your heart, I will conquer your stomach first”. Everybody sits around table while eating Chinese food, everybody is eating the dish in the same plate, the hospitable host will also nip the dish into your bowl, it is so friendly. The friendship between person and person is deeper after a meal.

Fourth, the way that Chinese and occidental praise food is different

Chinese praise food, will generally say: “Your dish is cooked very excellently, has caught up with the level of the restaurant”; but occidental praise food, will say just like what the home make.

In fact Chinese food and Western-style food have a lot of similar things, especially Italian food and Chinese food. Because Marco Polo took Chinese pie and noodles to Italy, the Pasta and Pizza appeared in Italy.

Even if there are some differences between Chinese food and Western-style food, but I think Chinese food and Western-style food can get along harmoniously. For example Chinese food of U.S.A. is suitable for Americans’ taste, because through Americans’ improvement; similarly, the Western-style food of China is more suitable for Chinese’ taste, because through the Chinese’ improvement. Certainly, if you want to eat the traditional Western-style food, you should go to U.S.A.; if you want to eat traditional Chinese food, welcome to China.

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