Chinese Chopsticks vs Occident Cutlery

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Chinese Chopsticks vs Occident Cutlery

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Chinese Chopsticks VS Occident Cutlery

Posted by Mysterious China Blogger on Sunday, November 16, 2008, 0:28

The chopsticks and cutlery reflect the China and Occident difference. Chinese use the chopsticks while having meal, and westerners use the cutlery. Origins of the two are different, each has advantage.

Chinese used bamboo branch turn and stir food in remote ancient period. Later, people learnt to pick up food with two stick gradually. That’s the embryonic form of chopsticks.

The origin of the cutlery relates with the habits and customs of the ancient nomadic people in Europe. They used to take knife everywhere in life, often bake the meat, cut and eat. After the life settle down, the cutlery enters the family kitchen. Therefore is easy to find out the identity of chopsticks and cutlery are different.

Cutlery and chopsticks, not only caused the differences of food habits, but also influenced the life idea of the east and west people. The cutlery must result in Individual Dining System. Therefore western people pay attention to independence; but the chopsticks result in Gather Dining System, the whole family sits together and have meal, stress family unit, so Chinese have firm family values.

The act of the Chinese chopsticks is that press from both sides, emphasize control and equilibrium; the acts of knife and fork are cut and insert, emphasize efficiency. So Chinese pay attention to being steady, occidentals pay attention to efficiency.

Chopsticks and cutlery are symbols of the cultural tradition.

Even if Chinese go to U.S.A. life, but still use the chopsticks; even if Americans have learnt to use the chopsticks in China, get back to own country to still use the cutlery. Culture is deep-rooted. Chopsticks and cutlery, which is advanced on earth, various statements are different, in fact each has intelligence.

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